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I had been having a few conversations with a friend regarding work-place experiences and the impact these had left on me. I felt I was unable to move forward and I would find myself ruminating and playing the scenarios through my head. At times I felt trapped/paralysed and not able to move forward physically or emotionally. It was these conversations that led my friend opening up and confiding in me that Geraldine had been a great source of help to them and offered to put me in contact, to which I thought ‘I have nothing to lose’. Geraldine kindly reached out to me, we briefly spoke where I gave a light overall summary of how work had impacted me, how I had taken on a new role where I didn’t feel worthy and felt like I could relate to ‘imposter syndrome’ and felt my confidence slipping away. From my very first session, I felt something had ‘lifted‘ inside. Geraldine taught me some coping mechanisms and I was sceptical, but I also opted to have several hypnotherapy sessions for confidence boosting, which must have worked, as I had to travel for work meetings and I have this odd fear of getting lost. I found myself going for breakfast/dinner on my own, walking some distance to the venue and taking in the sights as I walked in a country I had never been to before, surrounded by compete strangers - something I would never have done previously without internal panic!..  Therefore, it’s worth contacting Geraldine, keep an open mind, as like me, you may not think something has worked until you find yourself in ‘that’ situation and achieving all those things you thought where blocking you. 

Graham S, Berkshire

I contacted Geraldine as she was recommended by a friend. Prior to the session we discussed that I wanted to do something about the state of procrastination I often fall into whilst making decisions. Geraldine clearly explained how the session would work and immediately made me feel comfortable with a process I'm not familiar with. The session started with relaxing sounds and her soft reassuring voice made relaxation, even in the middle of a very busy day, very easy, giving a pleasurable positive experience. Geraldine had tailored her words specifically around procrastination and whilst I'm sure I would benefit from further sessions I've definitely started to consider ways of not falling into a state of procrastination so easily since our first session. I'd happily recommend the experience for a deep relaxation and, with more time invested on my part, hopefully a long term change of behaviour.

Ian W, London

I came to Geraldine with an addiction to sugar and disordered eating. I would eat for comfort, celebration, when I was tired, or bored. After the initial consultation which was comprehensive and worthwhile, we then had four sessions. From the very first session I was amazed at the difference. I really wanted the change so I think that helped with the impact, but I am one month in and very rarely snack, can walk away from an offer of chocolate without feeling like I'm missing out. I'm not dieting anymore, instead I listen to what I want to eat and eat it, the difference being the addiction is broken and I want to make healthier choices, even when hungry. This is already resulting in significant weight loss. I would recommend Geraldine to anyone, in fact my father will be visiting her to address insomnia! She's very warm and welcoming and puts you at ease quickly in what could be an uncomfortable experiences. I'll be back.

Amelia L-O, Berkshire

As someone who has always struggled with anxiety and nervousness when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd, I was sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. However, after just a few sessions with Geraldine, I can confidently say that it has made a world of difference.


Before I started hypnotherapy, the thought of public speaking would send shivers down my spine. My heart would race, my palms would sweat, and I would stumble over my words. It was a nightmare, and it was holding me back both personally and professionally.


Geraldine was not only highly skilled but also incredibly empathetic and understanding. She took the time to listen to my concerns and tailored the sessions to address my specific anxieties. Through relaxation techniques and positive visualisation, she helped me rewire my subconscious mind to associate public speaking with confidence and success.

Chloe L, Berkshire

I was definitely hesitant and even a bit nervous going into my first hypnotherapy session. Five minutes with Geraldine was all it took to put my nerves and mind at ease. I relaxed quickly and immediately felt calm attributed greatly to the sound of Geraldine’s voice. I can’t recommend this therapy enough and while I had it in mind for one intention, I have since gone on to book several sessions and feel stronger mentally while overcoming invisible obstacles

Edel R, London

Having suffered pain due to prolapsed discs and the inability to switch off and relax, I contacted Geraldine for an initial hypnotherapy session. She helped me to relax and let my mind just absorb the information presented to me, what followed was a sense of calm and I was not conscious of the pain in my lower spine.

Alastair B, Berkshire

I had been a smoker for over a decade, and I had tried everything to quit—patches, gum, cold turkey, you name it. Nothing seemed to work for me. I had resigned myself to the idea that I would always be a smoker.

Then, a friend recommended hypnotherapy as a last-ditch effort to quit. I was skeptical at first, but I was also desperate to break free from the grip of cigarettes. So, I decided to give it a try.

From the very first session with my hypnotherapist, I felt a shift. The therapist created a calm and welcoming environment that put me at ease. They explained how hypnosis worked and assured me that I was in control the entire time.

During the hypnosis sessions, I was guided into a deeply relaxed state. It was a bit like being in a dream, where I felt completely absorbed in the therapist's words and suggestions. They helped me reframe my thoughts about smoking, replacing my cravings with a strong sense of empowerment and a desire to prioritize my health and well-being.

After just a few sessions, I noticed significant changes. The cravings that used to torment me seemed to vanish. Even when I encountered triggers like stress or social situations, I didn't feel the urge to light up. It was as if a switch had been flipped in my mind.

I'm thrilled to say that it's been six months since my last cigarette. I can't express how liberating it feels to be a non-smoker. I have more energy, my sense of taste and smell has improved, and I'm saving a significant amount of money. Most importantly, I've taken control of my health.

Hypnotherapy was the game-changer for me. It tapped into the subconscious patterns that kept me trapped in the smoking habit and rewired my mind for a smoke-free life. I couldn't be more grateful to my hypnotherapist for guiding me on this transformative journey.

If you're struggling to quit smoking and have tried everything else without success, I wholeheartedly recommend giving hypnotherapy a chance. It worked for me, and it could work for you too.

Thank you, Geraldine for helping me become smoke-free and regain control of my life!  

Annie R, Ireland

Having never experience a hypnotherapy session, Geraldine was relaxing and clear and explained how the session would proceed. We discussed my chosen topic and she described how the hypnotherapy would take me into a trance like state. A very informative and gentle beginning.

Geraldine’s voice combined with a background music track took me to a very comforting and warm space in which to listen to the context of the session. I am hopeful that the words will have seeped into my subconscious with positive results.


 Kaye H, London

I first went to Tranquil Mindfulness to help reduce my migraines.  After the first session, I felt really relaxed and calmer, and not only did I feel confident in managing my migraines going forward, but I also felt my stress levels were massively reduced. Geraldine gave me the chance to try other techniques including setting an Anchor & Trigger and Swish; I use these techniques automatically now when needed - what a wonderful alternative to medicine.  My confidence in self-managing my migraines and stress no longer causes me huge anxiety and I feel a very positive impact on my daily life, especially knowing that she will be there if I ever need a booster session.  I would highly recommend Geraldine at Tranquil Mindfulness to anyone seeking help with their confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, migraines, etc. (10 out of 10).

Orla R-C, Surrey

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