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Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguisitic Programming (NLP) are the only therapies that work directly at the subconscious level and the combination is extremely effective in providing rapid transformational change. NLP techniques work to destroy a habit or association and create new behaviours, and hypnotherapy will in-bed the new behaviours and positive messages in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is basically there to get your conscious mind and subconscious mind to say the same thing.

The conscious mind is just 10% of our mind that has the ability to think, analyse, it has our logic and the subconscious mind is 90% the storehouse of information. What hypnotherapy does is it takes us to the subconscious mind where we have all these beliefs that are preventing us from acting where we want to act, it reduces or takes away the toxicity from those belief systems so we can shaft our beliefs and act in the way we consciously want to act.

Hypnotherapy can work for you!

“An hour of Hypnosis is worth 8 hours of sleep”

“The reason man may become the master of his own destiny is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind".     Napoleon Hill


Many people can benefit from a visit to shift behaviour patterns to develop the ability to speak in public, break the habit of smoking, vaping, nail biting, overcome a fear or phobia, motivation to eat healthier and exercise or even to find a life purpose.  I will work with your imagination to help you to achieve your goals.


Hypnosis is a lovely relaxing experience. It is a state of altered awareness like a day-dream type state, so trance is very natural. We all go into a trance state many times through out the day, during which our subconscious mind is more open and receptive to suggestions that are given. We drift in and out of different levels of awareness many times a day, absorbing information on a subliminal level as well as a conscious one (e.g you may experience when driving a car, out for a jog where you are completely focussed on one thing but your mind is freed up to focus on other things).   

Other Uses of Hypnotherapy


The Virtual Gastric Band Program (VGB)

(click here to view a video of Geraldine explaining the VGB)

The Virtual Gastric Band is aimed at helping you to lose weight, without the risks that come with surgery. It will also help you to change the relationship with food and includes subconscious re-programming to encourage healthy eating habits and behaviours.

Tranquil Mindfulness help you to change the negative thoughts, behaviours and associations that have prevented you from breaking free of old destructive eating and lifestyle thinking and behavioural habits and successfully achieving and maintaining your goals.










Sports Performance

Hypnosis is often used in sport psychology to bring the best out of athletes.  People who expect to excel usually do.  Mentally rehearsing a successful game can fire neurons in the brain in exactly the same patterns they would follow when actually performing the activity.  It is believed that these movements, along with contractions in the muscles, are responsible for improved neuromuscular co-ordination.


Hypnosis is the ideal state for enhancing creativity and imaginative pursuits.  Many artists, writers, musicians and inventors have produced their best work during trance states when ideas flow more easily and abundantly

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is taught in groups or individually.  During therapy a post-hypnotic suggestion may be given to achieve the desired state, giving you the confidence you need to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs.

Self Healing

In group experiments, tests have shown that patients treated with hypnotherapy have enhanced anatomical and fracture healing.  Before anaesthetic was discovered some 75% of patients operated upon would die during or shortly after the operation, compared to 5% of those treated with hypnosis. 

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

“Your potential is endless”


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